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orthene insecticide spray

Do not contaminate feed or foodstuffs. Some naturally occurring insect biotypes resistant to Orthene Xtra and other Group 1B insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect population. ORTHENE® TURF, TREE & ORNAMENTAL WSP AMVAC MSDS No. Aphid, Grasshoppers, Mealybugs, Orangedogs, Whiteflies, Ants (excluding carpenter, fire, harvester, and pharaoh), Black Vine, Weevil, Strawberry Root Weevil, Lace Bug, Leafroller, Birch, Moth Larvae, Scales, and others, See product label for complete application instructions. Try not to disturb the mounds while treating. water will treat 128 inches of trunk diameter. The products listed are all for outdoor use on non-food crops. I want to use Orthene 97 to control pests on bonsai, what would be the amount of orthene per gallon of water? COMBINATION SPRAY WITH FUNGICIDE OR FERTILIZER ON ROSES ORTHENE Systemic Insect … Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds while bees are actively visiting the treatment area. Permetrol. orthene® 97% soluble granule . I've used Orthene before and found it effective. No, Orthene 97 Spray Insecticide is not safe to use on nut trees or any other edibles. Acephate paralyzes the insect's nervous system and will kill both on contact and penetrate the plant tissue systemically. 13 of 13 people found this review helpful. 21 of 45 people found this answer helpful. ORTHENE: Is it a Safe Insecticide? 1300 Orthene TR Total Release Insecticide provides the effectiveness and convenience of a total release fogger, as well as reduced risk of phytotoxicity on greenhouse crops, even those in bloom.It’s a proven performer on a broad range of greenhouse insect pests, including aphids, thrips, whiteflies, scale, mealybugs, fungus gnats and spider mites. First, Orthene 97 Spray kills insects on contact, then it penetrates plant tissue for local systemic control. It has an EPA code word of CAUTION, so it isn't as toxic as many other insecticides. Availability: Normally ships in 1 business day. Yield: When applied at a rate of 4 - 16 oz per Acre, one .733 lb can will make 147 gallons. Comparable Products: Acephate 97UP per inch DBH: 3/4 lb. You will need to determine what kind of termite you have for us to direct you on the best treatment method. It should not cause leaf yellowing; is effective at the rate of 1 to 1.5 ttpg, for control of chewing and sucking insects, also aphids and mealybugs. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. keep out of reach of children. It does have an odor but has a low vapor pressure, as well as low dermal and oral toxicity, and volatility. Rating: 4.7 (31 Reviews / 59 Q&A), From If you have drywood termites, you could drill holes into the galleries and inject a product like Termidor Foam to expand and eliminate the colony. Orthene 97 Spray Insecticide This product is safe to be applied without a mask due to low vapor pressure, low oral and dermal toxicity, and volatility. Insecticide. Acephate, the active ingredient, gives ORTHENE 97 its powerful … Direct water at the floating packet(s) and continue to add water with the agitator running until the spray volume is … At one time acephate was used commonly in and around homes, but most of those uses are no longer allowed. ORTHENE 75% SP (Eng) – PM091806 Page 2 of 12 PRECAUTIONS Harmful if swallowed. It is used on food crops, citrus trees, as a seed treatment, on golf courses, and in commercial or institutional facilities. I found some termites on my bathroom walls and I am Taking the walls down this coming Friday 4/18/14 can I spray Orthene 97? Not for Sale to: CT, NY (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only) Acephate has been registered by the U.S. EPA since 1973. For best results apply at first sign of infestation, Additional sprays may be needed if plants become reinfested. systemic insecticide . danger . With its dual mode of action, contact and systemic activity, ORTHENE 97 insecticide is the proven choice for key insect control in dozens of high-value vegetable crops as well as soybeans, cotton and tobacco. Next, the vial of Gentrol and then lastly, the vial of TON. $24.94 Its powerful active ingredient, Acephate kills insects on contact, then it penetrates plant tissue for local systemic control. ... does not control broad mites or flat mites. + Free Shipping* Use Orthene 97 Spray Insecticide on turf, trees, and ornamentals to protect them from various pests. However, we do have products that can be safely and effectively used on pecan trees such as. not for indoor residential use . Do not apply with low pressure handwand except for control of fire ants as a mound treatment and when used on ornamental trees, shrubs and floral plants grown for non-agricultural or non-commercial use. Avoid eye or skin contact with spray mist. Orthene 97 Spray is for non crop area ant control, sod farms, outdoor and perimeter spray, trees and shrubs, greenhouse and outdoor floral crops, ground covers, and golf courses. Orthene 97 Spray Insecticide is used for insect pests on trees, ornamentals and turf. Use single quotes (') for phrases. A80-850 0 ORTHENE: The 15.6% Formula It may cause crippled flowers; use only Orthene 75%S . (Thrips are tiny and love to attack the buds and blossoms on roses.) Orthene Turf, Tree and Ornamental Spray 97 Spray. First, Orthene 97 Spray kills insects on contact, then it penetrates plant tissue for local systemic control. PREPARATION OF SPRAY SOLUTION To prepare spray solution, drop the unopened packet(s) of ORTHENE 90 S into a spray tank containing at least one-half the total quantity of water required. Orthene 97 Insecticide spray targets aphids, grasshoppers, whiteflies and other damaging insects. Orthene products come in pellet, powder and spray form. Orthene 97 Spray Insecticide is used for insect pests on trees, ornamentals and turf and is not labeled for residential use or for termites. The effectiveness of Orthene Xtra on r… Spray should have a pH … Avoid inhaling dust or spray mist. Its powerful active ingredient , Acephate , works in two ways. Orthene 97 Spray Insecticide is a soluble insecticide with 97.4% acephate that is readily absorbed by plant roots and foliage. eye and skin irritant read label before using . Orthene 97 is not really labeled for roach control and should only be used outdoors. For use on turf, use limited to sod farms and golf courses, except when applying to mound or spot treatment for fire ant and harvester ant control. For large order quotes, please call us at 866-581-7378. Insecticides and Miticides for the Treatment of Orchid Pests by Sue Bottom, ... Orthene Powder. I've been using an organic pest control spray but still having problems with thrips. Works very well. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. B&G Wands, Extenda Band Valves, Valve Parts, Frequently Asked Questions About DIY Pest Control, Orthene Turf, Tree and Ornamental Spray 97 (Can .773Lb ), Rapidly penetrates plant tissue to reduce chances of washing away in rainfall or irrigation. In most cases it would be best to use one of our Roach Control Kits to ensure that you have the best products necessary for complete roach control. Orthene 97 is a good chemical control for thrips on roses. Customized Pest Control Program - New Lower Price Starting at $7.98/month* + Free Shipping », DoMyOwn's COVID-19 Update: Shipping & Delivery Info | Check your order status or visit our DIY Center for expert advice.

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