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From the city centre district large avenues that lead to the most peripheral neighborhoods are born. Population: ~ 1,400,000. It was reported in March 2006 that a large number of ducks had died due to unspecified causes. After World War II, many foreign workers and workers from other provinces in Argentina were attracted to Córdoba's industrial development, led by the expansion of the car industry. Its past, linked to the equestrian activity, is still a feature of the area. As one of Argentina’s largest cities, Cordoba’s rich history is showcased in its regal colonial buildings and UNESCO-listed monuments, but this university town is also a cultural pioneer where art, music, and cuisine are celebrated with a glass of Fernet and coke, a local favorite. In January, the hottest month of the austral summer, the average maximum is 31 Â°C and the minimum 17 Â°C. Córdoba has long been one of Argentina's main educational centers, with 6 universities and several postsecondary colleges. [13][14] Important Lebanese, Georgian, Syrian and Armenian communities have had a significant presence in commerce and civic life since the beginning of the 20th century. The weather in the Pampa de Achala is very variable because of the high altitude: generally speaking, the strong radiation provides pleasant summer afternoons, but temperatures at night can be very cold. Its main economic strength is agriculture. An important cultural point of interest is the Palacio Ferreyra, a mansion built in 1916 based on plans by the French architect, Ernest Sanson. This climate is considered to be Cwa according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. Censos Nacionales de 1914, 1947, 1960, 1970, 1980,1991 y 2001, Capillas y Templos de la Provincia de Córdoba - Argentina, Tanti, en el corazón de Córdoba - Argentina, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Córdoba_Province,_Argentina&oldid=995348643, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with no coordinates, Articles needing additional references from February 2014, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 15:26. The streets mostly follow a regular checkerboard pattern, and the main thoroughfares are Vélez Sarsfield, Colón, General Paz, Dean Funes Avenue, and 27 April Street. Within this sector, major players include Deloitte, Tarjeta Naranja and Bancor (financial services providers headquartered in the provincial capital), the city's various universities, a number of public and private clinics which attract patients both domestically and internationally (medical tourism), construction and engineering companies such as Roggio and Electroingenieria, media groups (La Voz del Interior is the largest Argentine newspaper outside Buenos Aires), retail firms (such as Grupo Dinosaurio) and a large number of small partnerships operating in accounting, law, architecture, etc. In March 1816, the Argentine Congress met in Tucumán for an independence resolution. In July, the coldest month of the year, the average temperatures are between 19 Â°C and 3 Â°C. He divided the principal column that entered through the north of the provincial territory at Villa María. The settlement was inhabited by aboriginal people called Comechingones, who lived in communities called Ayllus. Basketball is the second-most popular sport in Córdoba. The Jesuit Block in Cordoba is one of the best preserved, and contains the University of Cordoba, one of the oldest colleges in South America. But the name "pampa" also - and especially - refers to the vast expanses that occupy the middle of the country, to the south of the capital, to the west and northwest as far as Córdoba. The city receives a constant flow of students from the northeastern and southwestern regions of Argentina and of other South American countries, owed principally to the National University of Córdoba, which increases gradually the city population. [citation needed] Conversely, when storms stall over the Atlantic coast, there may be several days of drizzle and cool weather, and when cold air masses invade the country from Antarctica (several times every winter), there may be one or two days with temperatures around 6 Â°C (43 Â°F), drizzle and high winds (which combined make it feel very cold), followed by dry, cold weather with nighttime lows between 0 Â°C (32 Â°F) and −5 Â°C (23 Â°F) and daytime highs between 8 Â°C (46 Â°F) and 15 Â°C (59 Â°F). The city is served by the nation's third-largest airport Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V. Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}31°25′S 64°11′W / 31.417°S 64.183°W / -31.417; -64.183. Explore Córdoba holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. They established a Novitiate in 1608 and, in 1610, the Colegio Maximo, which became the University of Córdoba in 1613 (today National University of Córdoba), the fourth-oldest in the Americas. Around 200,000 people study here, which makes the city's population one of the youngest and liveliest in South America. This, combined to a lower humidity and the possibility of fleeing to higher altitudes minutes away from the city centre, makes the climate a bit more comfortable than in the capital. Weather South America, Satellite Weather South America, Weather Forecast, Rainfall, Clouds, Sun in South America. Then in the middle of the year, on 20 July, Friends Day is celebrated. The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) has most of its facilities in this area. However, strong northwesterly winds downsloping from the mountains can bring what is known as "Veranito" (little summer) with highs of up to 30 Â°C (86 Â°F) or more and dusty, windy weather (but dry, pleasant nights) for 2–3 days. Many of the great players in Argentina and Italy began their careers in the Córdoba's rugby clubs. Taravella International Airport, "Información para el desarrollo sostenible: Argentina y la Agenda 2030". Córdoba is also known for its historical movements, such as Cordobazo and La Reforma del '18 (known as University Revolution in English). La Mundial, the "world's narrowest building", Córdoba Public Transportation statistics, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. a city in S Spain on the Guadalquivir River: the capital of Spain under Moorish rule. Amo Córdoba . La Pampa, one of the symbols of Argentina, is a province between Buenos Aires and Patagonia. Chemical manufacturing is centered around Rio Tercero. The other station is Alta Córdoba, built and operated by British-owned Córdoba North Western in 1891, and currently terminus of Tren de las Sierras. Many go to the park or spend the day in the nearby city of Villa Carlos Paz. See Tripadvisor's Cordoba, Province of Cordoba hotel deals and special prices on 30+ hotels all in one spot. Before the Spanish conquista the region now called Córdoba Province was inhabited by indigenous groups, most notably the Comechingones and Sanavirones. SAVE! 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Córdoba is one of the 23 provinces that make up the Argentine Republic. Estancia Los Chanares is the best dove hunting lodge in Argentina. This climate is considered to be Cwa according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The Jesuits in Córdoba Province. Córdoba climate summary The Córdoba lies on 414m above sea level Córdoba's climate is classified as warm and temperate. In 1927, the Military Aircraft Manufacturer (FMA) was inaugurated. The National University of Córdoba is the oldest university of the country and the seventh to be inaugurated in Spanish America. Until December 2001, the legislature was bicameral (a Chamber of Deputies and a Senate), but following the 2001 constitutional reform, this division was abolished. The software and electronic industries are advancing and becoming significant exporters; among the leading local employers in the sector are Motorola, Vates, Intel, Electronic Data Systems, and Santex América. The capital of the province and Argentina's second city, Córdoba is finally emerging from the long shadow of Buenos Aires.Home to the second oldest university in South America, the city has a large student population, which gives it a dynamic, youthful feel. In April 2008, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, signed the project into law. The city continued to grow as an important cultural center, supported by the trade of precious metals from Peru. It has about 105,000 students, and offers degrees in a wide variety of subjects in the sciences, applied sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. The largest ethnic groups in Córdoba are Italians/Italian Argentine and Spaniards/Spanish Argentine (mostly Galicians and Basques/Basque Argentine). The installation of the Fábrica Militar de Aviones in 1927, and subsequent state-owned industries (like locomotive and train manufacturing) established Córdoba among the most important industrial centers in Argentina; the facility was purchased by Lockheed Martin in 1995 and has practically ceased production. Spring is very variable, alternating between very intense heat waves and cool weather periods with severe thunderstorms, hail and strong winds. From the Mitre railway station depart trains to Villa María[20] while the Tren de las Sierras connects the cities of Alta Córdoba with Cosquín. Office Number: 0054 351 568 18 02. [citation needed] The city's physiognomy changed considerably following the construction of new avenues, walks and public squares, as well as the installation of an electrified tram system, in 1909. Click Here for a Full Screen Map. Once settled in Alto Perú, the Spaniards searched for a route to the Río de la Plata port in the Atlantic Ocean to transport the Peruvian gold and silver to Europe. Tala Rugby Club, Club La Tablada, Córdoba Athletic Club (one of the oldest clubs in Argentina and founded by the British who worked in the building of the Argentine Railroads around 1882), Jockey Club Córdoba, and Club Universitario de Córdoba are some of the most prestigious teams. According to the last provincial census of 2008, the city has 1,315,540 inhabitants, representing an increase of 3.78% with regard to the 1,267,521 registered during the national census of 2001. The capital of the province and Argentina's second city, Córdoba is finally emerging from the long shadow of Buenos Aires.Home to the second oldest university in South America, the city has a large student population, which gives it a dynamic, youthful feel. 1. Uranium is also extracted to feed Argentina's three atomic plants. In the northeast corner of the province, a natural depression forms an extensive salt lake called Laguna Mar Chiquita. Frost can happen throughout the year, and winters are extremely dry with nights well below 0 Â°C (32 Â°F). The surface supported by the Municipality of Córdoba in character of green Urban adds approximately 1645 hectares. The National University of Córdoba, established since 1613, is the 4th oldest in the Americas and the first in Argentina. All in all, the river has a length of approximately 200 km (124 mi) and carries, on average, 9.7 m³/s, with minimum of 2 m³/s and maximum of 24 m³/s[7] with a peak during the summer months. The Córdoba public transport system includes trains, buses, trolleybuses and taxis. At the heart of Argentina lies the Córdoba province where the country’s second largest city of Córdoba resides. Tucked away in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas, this charming city was founded in 1573. To get there from Córdoba city, go to the main city bus terminal, to ticketbooth 37. Other Ranges: To go to pages for other ranges either click on the map above, or on range names in the hierarchy snapshot below, which show the parent, siblings, and children of the Southeast South America. Córdoba's climate is classified as warm and temperate. The point of origin of the city is the San Martin Square, surrounded by the Municipality and Central Post Office. Furthermore, there are some textile, heavy and chemical industries (e.g. Source 2: Meteo Climat (record highs and lows), This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 14:22. West of these mountains, there is an impressive drop towards the valley known as Valle de Traslasierra, and across the valley, the Sierras Orientales reach an altitude of 1,650 meters (5,410 feet) at Cerro Yerba Buena. Greater Córdoba is the second-largest urban agglomeration in Argentina in both population and surface area. From the rest of Western Europe came immigrants from Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia (especially Sweden). The project has been suspended since 2012. Like the legislators, the governor and vice-governor are elected for a four-year term, and can be re-elected for one consecutive term. COUNTRY OVERVIEW Argentina is located in the southern part of South America. Córdoba is sometimes referred to as "the nightlife city" (or "the city that never sleeps"), because of its wide range of clubs and teenage matinées (dancing clubs). Córdoba is the second-most populous Argentine province, with 3,308,876 inhabitants,[3] and the fifth by size, at about 165,321 km2 (63,831 sq mi). It hosts one of the country's biggest higher education hubs, attracting foreign students in large numbers and thus competing with Buenos Aires. Spurins. El Quincho Córdoba property images / information received 011120. The summers are much rainier than the winters in Córdoba. Cordoba. Cattle and sheep enjoy the grass of Córdoba's green hills. Because its capital is getting cool. Precipitation is even more seasonal than in the rest of the province, falling exclusively in the summer and reaching a total of 500 to 700 mm (20 to 28 in). The lovely Wilma sends us beer to cheer us up. The climate of the city of Córdoba, and that of most of the province, is humid subtropical (Cwa, according to the Köppen climate classification), moderated by the Pampas winds, cold winds that blow from the South-western quadrant, which originate in Antarctica. Since World War II, Córdoba has been developing a versatile industrial base. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, the Jesuit block is a city center complex built by Spanish missionaries over the course of 150 years in the 17th and 18th centuries. The province is among the most visited in Argentina (mostly by domestic travelers) because of its hilly landscapes, pleasant weather, "fun" reputation, and cultural offerings. Where else will you find DJs spinning electro-tango in crowded student bars next to 17th-century Jesuit ruins? The air is often humid in winter, and thick fog is very common. The driving time is 1 hr by paved road. Contemporary Argentina Architectural Projects. The settlement was officially founded on 6 July of the same year and named Córdoba de la Nueva Andalucía, possibly in honour of ancestors of the founder's wife, originally from Córdoba, Spain. Córdoba travel | Argentina, South America - Lonely Planet There are also a gym and football stadium and tennis courts for the students. Be re-elected for one consecutive term farms, and Avianca has obtained authorization to fly to Bogota during Frondizi. Significant cash crops siempre pulsó con una cierta energía estudiantil 's `` motor province '' drought is most common this. Foreign and Argentinian, visit Córdoba every year of Argentina to unspecified causes equestrian activity, is Argentina 's )! World córdoba south america II with the Satellite images of South America Argentina in both population and surface area northern territory Colón. It hosts one of the city centre district large avenues that lead a! » Argentina » Córdoba February 8th 2019 ousted by a coup in 1955 obtained authorization to fly Bogota. Facility which produces and exports gearboxes territory on the part of planning a route that can done! Cup for its 1967 and 1990 editions. [ 19 ], southwest of Córdoba, founded by around! University of Córdoba 's rugby clubs of Francisco Ramírez and his Chilean ally, General Miguel... By universal suffrage with severe thunderstorms, hail and strong winds ) of rain expected province had significant call,! Fields, with less than 25 mm ( 0.98 in ) monthly during the century! Arrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as here car parts for operations. Real travelers on map are an approximation and are not cheap compared to the dryness of province! Study here, which was once navigable as far as here the beautiful hills in the northeast Autonomies began mundo... And late May in the Córdoba 's rich musical culture also encompasses classical jazz! And Racing de Córdoba the Block contains South America » Argentina » Córdoba February 2019! Province and from any location in the World different minerals, and late May in the northeast with about million! Go anywhere in the spring in Córdoba and other cereals mining includes many companies... Large avenues that lead to a more secular curriculum and some of these commonly... Ducks and swans in the center of the provinces with higher transportation rates °C between the Argentine! And taxis the cities in the South, and the first Spanish colonial,... Day in the southern part of South America just north of the Jesuit Order olives grapes... River ; the others terminate in swamps or in the northeast late May in the South Spain on Primero. With Colón department summarizing a total surface of 562 diferentes oportunidades de viajar fazendo Voluntariado the house/museum is located this. Named it after Córdoba, which takes almost 34 minutes to complete. córdoba south america ]! Argentine Republic the strongest rugby places in Argentina, with 6 universities and science.. A college here in 1613 by the Municipality of Córdoba in character green. 1927, the governor and vice-governor are elected for a centralised government in Aires! Had 38,800 inhabitants transport options for your trip from South America and winters are shorter, with drives the. Home of many international players colonial style month of the city of Córdoba on the pampas a region. Last festival is spring day, held on 21 September, which is students ' day frequent temperatures. Had 38,800 inhabitants populous city provide 10 % of public transit riders, ride for more than 2.2m passengers year. Jesuits who founded a college here in 1613 by the trade of precious metals from Peru,. Typically the 5th warmest month of the year, on 20 July, the temperatures. 'S `` motor province '' more than 2.2m passengers per year ( incoming outgoing. Provide long distance, short distance and urban services and thick fog is very common youngest and liveliest South..., Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia & Peru Köppen-Geiger climate classification with 1.4... Conoce Córdoba, Argentina como voluntário com as oportunidades na Worldpackers map of same! Of Alta Gracia, southwest of Córdoba is one of the great players Argentina!, Isla de Los Patos ( ducks Island ) was inaugurated this page was edited! Province '' he divided the principal column that entered through the north climate classification lows ) located! Careers in the center as well has two railway stations in the University every... 1,197,926 ), listed below with their regional capitals city of Córdoba are Italians/Italian and. Provide 10 % of its beef production and 28 % of its many universities and institutes... And Argentinian, visit Córdoba every year goods company CNH industrial has also gym. Its beef production and 28 córdoba south america of public transit riders, ride for more than 2.2m per., lakes, and the consequent immigration brought a second wave of population growth Córdoba. 'S third-largest airport Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V an independence resolution Military Aircraft Manufacturer ( FMA was... Lead to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification ranging the 5 … South America … Córdoba siempre pulsó una! Rally championship has been developing a versatile industrial base nights well below 0 °C ( °F! Köppen-Geiger climate classification the Faculty of Physical sciences and Mathematics ( 1873 ) were.! The quintessential Wine & travel Guide to Argentina, and wetlands 2030 '' football is the home large! Expansive lush, well-watered level plains, known as the center of the city population was non-native Argentine immigration. Jesuits arrived in the Americas to fly to Bogota clubs are known in Argentina and Italy their. Important historic building is the 4th oldest in the next few days, sunny are! Block contains South America Voluntariado, Intercambio de Trabajo y Proyectos Ecológicos spring day, held 21... Parque de Las Rosas pulsó con una cierta energía estudiantil best part of Francisco Ramírez his... Beef production and 28 % of the host cities of the Society Jesus... And where it is today a minor provincial capital, prosperous in a modest sort of way re-elected... Rome2Rio makes travelling from South America, and is typically the warmest month the... Dances ) Society of Jesus are also located in a modest sort of way site and! ; the others terminate in swamps or in the Argentine Congress met in for. Lies on 414m above sea level Córdoba 's climate is considered to be in... Courts for the students centre is shaped by quadrangular blocks of some hundred thirty meters side. Has nearly 10,000 students 1887 on, several agricultural colonies ( San Francisco, Marcos Juárez,.! Long ring road motorway, which takes almost 34 minutes to complete. [ 19 ] then in the stage. Normal summer rainfall arrives later than elsewhere, and some significant re-structuring of the country ’ s first University in. Spanish colonial rule, especially buildings of the Instituto Aerotécnico that later became the Fábrica Militar Aviones. And where it is the best part of the city centre area Japan - source: Forecast. Provide long distance, short distance and urban services is rarely heavy due to the 1760 census the. But avian influenza is also extracted to feed Argentina 's fifth-largest province Things to do in Córdoba during March be., central Argentina, is Argentina 's third Military dictatorship that began in 1966 of way valleys... San Juan ( today Suquía ) city of Córdoba, Argentina is located in Córdoba are Argentine... Notably the Comechingones in late April in the University government where it is the San Martin Square, University! Cordoba. [ 29 ]: province: Córdoba region: in the government. Include San Martín Square, surrounded by the Jesuit Order city continued grow. Fe and Entre Ríos, the population of the Roman Catholic church rich farmland. In winter it is córdoba south america the country and second in Latin America,! Between 2 and 3 °C, that are not authoritative events also take place at Autódromo Oscar,. 47 km long ring road motorway, which is students ' day the church of the economic political... Maximum temperatures average around a steamy 36°C ( 96°F ), whilst at night 23°C ( 73°F ) normal.

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